Letrario | Chocó – Project Info
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The Story

Adventure | Musical

Digital Animation 2D

90 min.

In a land haunted by monsters, a girl will have to embark on a dangerous journey and question her reality to save her little brother. 

Chocó, a thirteen year old girl, will face her worst nightmare when her little brother, Nuquí, is devoured by one of the monsters that haunt their town at night.


Alone and dispirited, Chocó is approached by Iolo, a mysterious and magical old lady, who presents her with a proposal: if she goes to the forbidden jungle and captures Mukira, the monster who ate her brother, Iolo will perform a ritual to bring her brother back.  However, after capturing Mukira, Chocó will come to understand that monsters aren’t as monstrous as humans think they are and the most unexpected friendship will flourish between them.


This discovery will push Chocó towards taking unthinkable risks and making wild decisions that will change her fate, the town’s and the monsters’.

Our Motivation

This is a story about empathy, fear and reconciliation and a celebration of diversity.

The Characters

The Universe:

The Town

The Universe:

The Jungle

The Music


Juan Pablo Vega

Colombian music producer and singer. Ten-time Nominee and Winner of the prestigious Latin Grammy Awards and Nominee to the US Grammy for Debi Nova’s album «3:33». Aside from his personal career as musician, Juan Pablo Vega has worked with numerous renowned artists like Morat, Greeicy, Alejandro Sanz, Caloncho and Mike Bahía. His knowledge of rhythms like reggae and souk and his close relationship with musicians and producers of the Pacific Region make him the ideal partner to helm the score of the project.

Selections & Awards

Winner of the National Development Fund for Animation Production - 2022
Selected at Animation! in Ventana Sur - 2022
Selected for MIAnima 22-23 Formation Program - 2022
Winner of the Studio Pitch Contest by Ánima Studios & Pixelatl - 2020
Winner of the Department of Culture Scholarship for Childrens' Screenplay - 2018
Winner of the National Development Fund for Animation Development - 2018

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Estefanía Piñeres

Actress, screenwriter and director. In 2019 she was Academic Coordinator at the biggest festival in Colombia, FICCI. Winner of multiple recognitions such as the New Media Award for Development 2017 for «Misteriosa»; The Department of Culture Scholarship for Family Screenplay 2018, the Cinematographic Development Fund (FDC) for Animated Feature Development 2018 and Animated Feature Production 2022 for «Chocó: The Land and The Monsters»; the FDC for Animated Short-Film 2020 for «Color-less»; and the FDC for Feature Screenplay 2020 for «Los malditos». Her animated short film «Color-less» has been selected at festivals like Pixelatl and AniMaze.

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Content studio which has produced films like «Fortuna Lake» (Official Selection at ColFilmNY, Seven Color Sea Film Festival, Festival de Cine de La Habana and others) written and directed by renowned director Felipe Martínez Amador and «Ruido» (Work-In-Progress Selection at FICCI and BAM Screenings) a film by Marco Vélez Esquivia. Production house of «Small Talk» a documentary web series about the Colombian armed conflict and «Color-less», the animated short film written and directed by Estefanía Piñeres, Official Selection at multiple festivals like AnimaFilm, Animaze and TIAF and selected for The 2022 Best Colombian Shorts Catalogue, Refresh vol.4, by Proimágenes.

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+57 316 424 3263